Quimya is a plant-based food brand, its main business is yogurts, but they also produce granola and special desserts. They started their business a few years ago in a homemade way, making the recipes and even the design of the packaging with their own hands. The product was so good that business began to grow and they started thinking about expanding the product line and professionalizing their identity.

The objective was to create a "happy brand" which reflected the slogan of the brand "food with life” and flavours became protagonists. To achieve this we worked on illustrations with a strong personality and a friendly style, and a cheerful and youthful color palette, taking into account the target to which the brand is directed. We also worked on the amount of information the package had, which in our opinion was excessive and confusing, thus achieving a cleaner and more impactful identity.

In Argentina, the market for plant-based and healthy food is growing day by day. Stores selling these types of products are multiplying, and social media explodes with this type of content. Young people are the main mentors of this healthy move.

Art Director: Vanya Silva Mascarenhas.
Images used are property of Bunker3022.


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