Creaturas de Hábito is a plant based food "grab and go" store which will open its doors soon at Honduras, El Salvador. The brands purpose is to re-educated their culture by aligning food with health and explaining the audience you can use it as medicine, thus facilitating access to individual bio food in a country with a poor offer of food of this type and lack of knowledge about food´s benefits. Promoting healthy habits and communicating all this with honesty, tolerance and love.
"The environment will feel whimsical and cosmic with dimmer lights and have gem tones. Menu board will have 4/3 categories and food will be classified according to the benefits of each product. Most of its dishes will be created in collaboration of renowned local doctors".

The Objective
Develop a new brand wich represents its concept through a modern and sophisticated style.

The Solution
To address this brand, we researched and immersed ourselves deeply in this new trend and which were those elments that would make the difference. We started playing with different associated concepts such as mystic, alchemy, cósmic, connection with nature and with yourself, etc. When trying to bring them down to earth celular and natural textures mixed with nature and food colors and derived in a rich color and texture story. Then thinking about their utopical way of thinking, universe aligned, geometry and astrology summed up. This unexpected mix created a whimsical identity system where the concept "a magical process of transformation, a day to day intention to live and love" traduced in a modern, mystical logo.

Art Director: Vanya Silva Mascarenhas.
Images used are property of Creaturas de Hábito.


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