Collection of projects worked as a lead graphic designer & junior art director during the decade 2011 - 2021 for agencies & design-bureaus such as Bunker3022 (AR), Martian Arts (US), MAMBO (AUS) amongst others, as well as a freelancer designer.

JAN JELINEK: "ATLAS" World tour Teaser
Jan Jelinek's "Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records" album experimental teaser as part of "Atlas" conceptual world tour. FADU (UBA) © 2019, Argentina
Music & Video
Beth Comstock
Concept development and visual identity for Beth Comstock (US). 2019 © BUNKER3022
A NY entrepreneurship created with a lot of love, argentinian flavours and tasty ingredients. Have fun & enjoy! © 2020, USA. Collab w/ Mhurā Studio.
Creaturas de Hábito
Concept development and visual identity for CREATURAS DE HÁBITO (HON). 2018 © BUNKER3022
Brand ID, Packaging
mm ®
Brand and Web Design for argentinian model & fashion designer Marina Mozzoni (MM) © 2020, Argentina. Collab w/ Mhurā Studio.
Brand ID, Web Design
Concept development and visual identity for GEWIN® Investments & Developments (AR). 2018 © BUNKER3022
Brand ID, Brochure, Web Design
Concept development and conceptual Brand ID on Teatro Cervantes (TNA) © 2019, Argentina
Black Sheep (White Light)
Concept development and visual identity for BSWL (CAN). 2018 © BUNKER3022
Responsive web design for MAKINÉ (US). 2019 © BUNKER3022
Web Design
Concept development, visual identity & packaging design for QUIMYA YOG (AR). 2019 © BUNKER3022
Brand ID, Packaging
Brand for London-based furniture exchange market. © 2016, Great Britain
Brand ID
Logo Collection Vol. II
Art Direction
Logo Collection vol. I
Art Direction
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